Hello there welcome to emailmug template documentation, here are a complete guide on how to use our email template you may need to read this page before begin using an email template from us. If you have any question that are beyond the scope of this documentation please feel free to email us via our contact page form or send direct email to [email protected].

How it Works

Emailmug is an online email template store which has many email template collections. Easily pick any template that fits right to your campaign once you made a decision you can make a purchase on our simple purchase page. It is cost $0 for certain template.

File Structure

Once you made the purchase you will receive a download link for the item, it is better to download the item immediately. The download file has .zip extension you have to unzip the file before opening it. Steps to unzip file can be different depends on your device and OS.

After the file has been unzipped you will find the template folder it usually begin with name ‘Theme Emailmug …’ below are how the structure of the folder is, actually it could be different depends on the template but this is the majority of the structure we used.

1. Theme Emailmug … HTML

This is how ‘HTML Only’ purchase structure file look like, it contains two folder and one .txt file :


This folder contains the unresponsive version of the template, we provide this file option since some people are prefer their email to be fixed layout instead of responsive.


This is what most people are going to used this folder contains the responsive template file.


This file contains important information about the template such as license.

2. Theme Emailmug … ESPs

As you can see the structure of the ‘ESPs Ready’ purchase are look the same, but it actually has more than that. Inside ‘Upload’ folder it contains the following folder :



This folder contains Campaignmonitor compatible file. This is the file which you will upload to you Campaignmonitor account.


Contains Mailchimp compatible file.


Contains Pardot compatible file.


Besides an ESPs compatible file, ‘ESPs Ready’ purchase also provide HTML file in case you need the pure HTML file this folder has that for you.

Getting Started on ESP

Here are the guides to use our email templates on compatible ESP.

Getting started on Mailchimp

Getting started on Campaignmonitor (official source)

Getting started on Pardot (official source)

HTML Costumization

You can use this tutorial for an ESP compatible file too.

Manual Editing With Text Editor

Recommended Ways on Getting Started

Manual editing with text editor is our recommendation to get started even if you use an ESP compatible file that’s because editing on an ESP always has a limit. For example mailchimp did not have a feature where you able to change an image background and to get it changed you have to edit the code inside Mailchimp which I think it is not convenient because it doesn’t even have a search tool so it would be really hard to target a code.

As for the solutions we recommend you to get started with manual editing to change elements that your ESP can’t facilitate such as changing image background before uploading it to your ESP.