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by emailmug in Knowledgebase on June 7, 2020

Hello there welcome to Emailpaws.com thank you for visiting our Site you may need to read this article before purchasing a template. This article will tell you what’s the different between those available options and which one you should pick, to make sure you got the right option this article got you covered.

Here we have 3 different download options for certain templates, download options could be different for each template for example the notification category template did not have ESPs ready option, it only has Free license and Paid license purchase options and both options only include HTML file. Below are detailed explanations and we’ll tell you what’s the different between those options.

ESPs (Email service providers) is the marketing platform, app or plugins such as Mailchimp, Mailster and Pardot.

1. HTML Only

With this option you will only get HTML file as your downloadable file. This option is recommended when you use an email service provider that are not listed on ESPs compatibility you can find this information at product description page.

For example if you use Sendinblue which are not listed on ESPs compatibility you better choose the HTML only option because even if you download the ESPs ready option the Sendinblue compatible file won’t be included inside the download package. That’s because some email service providers like Sendinblue did not have a template language so there is no way for us to make it editable inside their platform maybe they’ll have such features in the future and surely we’ll have an update for that.

The goals on making the template to be ESPs ready is to make user able to do editing inside their ESP such as mix and match content, changing image, removing unwanted sections which can be done without any HTML coding knowledge.

Unfortunately if your email service provider not listed on ESPs compatibility you will most likely not be able to do editing inside your ESP. So you will need HTML knowledge to do so, or you can purchase the ‘Customize for me’ option and we will do the editing for you and when it’s ready we’ll deliver the file and it’s ready to be uploaded to your ESP.

2. ESPs Ready

Beside ESPs ready file you will also get pure HTML file as your downloadable files, we recommend you to choose this option when you use an ESP that are listed on the product description page.

3. Customize For Me

We’re very excited to announce this one because this is what the site was built for; to help people create their well designed template. This template purchase option did not have any downloadable files instead you send us your template requirements we’ll do the job then we’ll deliver the ready file to you if you still feel something aren’t quite right feel free to asking us for a revision we’re always open for that.

This customize option could be : matching the template design to your brand, editing stuff or integrate the template to a specific app.

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